Gah. I’ve had a long day and can’t seem to wind down at all and really should be in bed. I spent the evening trying to turn my brain off, but felt like I needed something to do.

I’ve been having problems with some of my USB cables and chargers. They seem like they need a bit of protection. A while back I had some great headphones with woven cords and figured I could try this on a couple of cables.

All I used was embroidery thread.
For the first one I just tied both threads at the top of the cable leaving a bit of a tail.
I then wrapped the threads tightly around the cable covering the tail.
I continued like this all the way down the cord making sure not to overlap or leave any gaps and held it tightly in place.
When I got to the end I tied a couple of tight and discrete knots. I may add some glue. I wound up with this…
I then tried a different design…ok this took a long time. I tied several threads around the cable (together). I then chose one and wrapped it around the cable and the other threads. When I wanted to change colours I just switched threads. When I got to the end I tied a couple of knots.

Sooty was really into this but wasn’t the best helper. She was more into tangling than wrapping.
Second one turned out like this.
Personally I really like the purple one. It was quick, cute and effective. The other design took a lot of time and I would need some more practice/patience (no cat around)/a little more awake to do it well. My threads kept splitting too which was a little annoying.

Ok! I’m off to bed!